Especially at night. This time, tho, it is for my neck, which is also riddled with arthritis- not sure if it was always that bad and I just didn't realize it?? mnothing is written in stone. I thought Id be further along in my recovery by now. Luckily, within the last week I've mainly been able to sleep at night, although with breaks for the loo, and sometimes discomfort, but overall I'm not complaining. For now treat it symptomatically ice/heat, Advil/Aleve, Ace wrap and if it is still bothering you when you return, call for an appointment." My PT states that I am still extremely tight and I have a problem relaxing while he is trying to move my arm. Nonsurgical measures can reduce pain and inflammation, as well as strengthen the injured tendons. The pain can last for several weeks, but it will subside in a couple of months. Unless you have "cancel for any reason" insurance I doubt that you can cancel at this late date without a 100% penalty. Well I am new to the forum. The first time I drove after the sling came off, I instinctively put my right hand on the back of the passenger side head rest the look behind me for backing. ?? I just hope you will be able to go and enjoy the cruise during your recuperation process. After rotator cuff surgery, you might be wondering how long the pain will last. Maybe some extra padding underneath, if it isn't soft enough already. New mri on that shoulder reveals a tear and muscle tendon issues. My doctor told me last week that I could remove the pillow attached to the immobilizer, but I found the sling by itself caused lots more pain. Outfit it with the extra pillows or blankets needed, and you might be fairly comfortable, as you won't be in a prone position all night. I got the throbbing pain too, but on reflection I guess given the type of surgery it would be odd for no reaction to exercising. I wish someone had told me what to expect- the pain that never subsides, and the inability to sleep at all at night! I hope you can go on the cruise and both of you can have a nice relaxing time. Our team is ready to individually assess your condition and create a plan for your recovery. I believe stretching is the key to recovering your range of motion (ROM). The first phase involves managing your postoperative pain. Some people do get significantly stiff after rotator cuff repair surgery and can take longer to get their range of motion back. "url": "", A half-inch long incision is made so a small camera can be inserted into the joint, allowing the surgeon to see the damaged areas. Upgrade to Patient Pro Medical Professional? I still wear the sling when outside the house as it is an uncontrolled environment. Because of that, I will be lucky to get 80% function back in my bicep and I am only 33. The fact that your doctor has you off work for six months suggests that your surgery was even more extensive and debilitating that many of us have experienced. In a good way. Even walking was agony, any time my shoulder "moved". I am a bit shocked about how much it has taken out of me as well and miss my more active lifestyle. I am 9 months out from my rotator cuff surgery. So I was massaging with a lacrosse ball constantly, putting it on every area, up against a wall and doing squats so Im rolling up and down the wal with that ball on every spot that was tight around the surgery area. I typically recommend non-surgical treatment for an isolated injury to the biceps. Check with your PT. Copyright 19952022 The Independent Traveler, Inc. Amazing, Funny & Totally Awesome Cruise Photos. I had extra pain meds, but I didn't want to be medicated into a stupor! Goals: After rotator cuff surgery, recovery can be a long and painful process. Rotator Cuff Repair Protocol Overview a. Upgrade to Patient Pro Medical Professional? Any info on swimming and its harm or benefit in the early months? Answering your question would be practicing medicine w/o a license. Icannot wait to have a deep tissue massage. Sometimes the balcony only has chairs, not a lounger. Today, I heard a pop in my shoulder and immediately I have pain in the upper arm and shoulder. You can reach Azalea Orthopedics at 903.939.7500 to schedule your appointment today. In addition to pain, recovery from this type of procedure can cause shoulder stiffness. This is because the rotator cuff has been weakened due to the surgery. After the operation, although you will only have either a mini open or two or three small keyhole surgery incisions, you might have some pain due to the surgery performed inside your shoulder. They did an mri and the Dr. said I have a tear in my rotator cuff. but, the usual patient for this might also be 50-60 yrs old and in a lower level of physical shape/conditioning. Its an Alaska cruise, so itd be easy to fly home to Seattle if I end up miserable. My association pool opens next month and I will be in Santa Cruz in two weeks at a resort. If it is so painful that you can't do your stretches, maybe, maybe you need to back off a bit. I had full range of motion back by 8 months, and worked on strength for the next 6 months. ], "addressCountry": "US" Physical therapy is very painful, but I'm doing my exercises daily.well, not as many reps as I should because it hurts so much afterwards. Total recovery and rehabilitation after arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery take approximately 22 weeks. If he really wants to go, he should be willing to do whatever it takes to keep you safe and comfortable, and I'm sure he will. I went on a cruise last year two weeks after tearing the rotator cuff of my dominant arm, but there are many different ways to tear a rotator cuff and mine was less incapacitating. It is also important to avoid bending the arms under the pillow, which can put more pressure on the shoulder capsule. It takes six to eight weeks for the tendon to heal to the bone. Actually, this is a very good suggestion even if you do not have a balcony. It is essential to keep the blood flowing in your legs to prevent blood clots. As an aside, we went on a cruise shortly after I suddenly had a torn rotator cuff, and I was in some agony. Complete recovery time after Rotator cuff surgery varies from somewhere between 6 months to a year and is affected by many factors such as age of the patient, severity of the tear etc. That should have saved you time, as others can tell you which company does this for HAL and you could have a head start. If he/she thinks it's okay to go, and if DH is willing to take care of all the things he is already doing for you, and you continue to do your therapy exercises, then I would go. All you went through and may still be going through. I just had a thought and wanted to pass it along; if you are unable to rent a recliner at this stage, if you have a balcony cabin, ask your cabin steward to bring in one of the loungers for you to sleep on. No worries, we were all new at one time. This technique allows your surgeon to evaluate and repair the tear using a few very small incisions instead of one large incision. I felt like not going back to my PT a week ago since it hurt So Bad, but I am continuing it. Best wishes. You don't get that in the small hours so it often feels so much worse. I find that sling position is critical. It may also take time to regain full strength in the muscles used during movement of the arm and shoulder. Read our editorial policy. I appreciate the suggestion. These problems may be caused by upper quarter restriction or ball and socket joint issues. Im actually dreading the cruise. There are a number of reasons that the shoulder may become stiff after rotator cuff surgery. Thanks for any suggestions. Surgical correction of these problems can improve your shoulders range of motion. Keep it dry. Rotator cuff pain is often worse at night. Nobody knows your body like you do. I'm glad your pain level is good! "dayOfWeek": [ dbahn Line Up and Wait. My surgery was over 2 years ago and was the hardest thing I'v ever done. Hi PMRpro, Having rotator cuff surgery in two days. There should be room for recliner or lounger. This is normal, and the doctor may prescribe pain medication to help reduce the pain during the first few days. Wow! Supraspinatus full thickness tear (Week 9) clu801 684 subscribers Subscribe 9.8K views 2 years ago I am just sharing my. The. I have no idea what kind of cabin you have booked, but a two-week cruise is a long time to not be able to address your genuine physical concerns in the way that you are doing at home. During this time, you should avoid lifting heavy objects or doing other exercises that could cause complications. I'm 65 and plan to just retire since I've always done physical work. This will start at 1 to 4 weeks and lasts 4 to 6 months. Deb. I share a lot of your same issues. If there was a recliner in our cabin, I would be much less hesitant to go. Please come back and let us know the outcome. I don't know when that will stop. iii. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me. 1 anchor, spurs and an acromioplasty, (supposedly due to arthritis, which I didn't know was an issue for me at the time). She finally told me she was cutting me loose and I stopped going, only to start again two weeks later. On your "unfixable" arm you may need total shoulder replacement. Karen, I really empathise with you and this forum was my salvation for many, many nights for a long time after my rotator cuff surgery. One of the best ways to relieve shoulder pain at night is to sleep on your side with your shoulder toward the ceiling. What did your Orthopedic Surgeon say when you posed this exact same question? I couldnt move, I couldnt sleep, I couldnt do anything. He called back and said it sounds like I have a "Popeye condition" and nothing to worry about, but this morning I could lift my arm overhead now, it's too painful. A "recliner"! I couldn't get comfortable at night and would get the resting nerve pain which was excruciating. Hot baths and stretching help. Would you be able to do it on a ship? I don't know what to expect. Try to put your finger right on your fist. The pain was excruciating and I cried constantly. Take your time. I really appreciate it. For this website, I can type on my phone with my left hand! Hes got pictures autographed all over his office. I have read posts from people saying how quickly they recovered from rotator cuff surgery, but that certainly wasn't my experience.I had the bone spur removal and a rotator cuff tear repair in August 2015 and I can honestly say it was many months before I eventually had a reasonable night's sleep. What is normal pain after shoulder surgery? I'm still in the recliner, but I can't sleep with this discomfort. I am going to talk to the PT about sling use for long walks. I was "cleared" by my doctor at 4 months. What does your Doctor say you should do? "@type": "PostalAddress", Is walking good after rotator cuff surgery? Diagnostic images such as X-rays and MRI can help gather more information, and another option is to perform an arthroscopic examination of the rotator cuff. From throwing a baseball to waving the hand in greeting or even lifting heavy objects, you do a variety of tasks with your shoulders. Alternatively, sleeping on your stomach with your arms at your side will also help reduce the pain. It's true, no one really tells you about the level of pain involved and as a result I have been nervous as well about re-injuring myself doing more than I should. Depending on the severity of the pain and other signs of rotator cuff failure, the doctor may need to perform a revision procedure. I slept sitting up for 3 months, and then with pillows under my arm in bed. I still want to chew off my arm the day after physical therapy. Without seeing the knee, and possibly getting an x-ray, I cant be sure. I thought with the arm in a sling it would be okay but it didn't help. I was released by my surgeon May 5, 2017. Historically, patients are restricted from driving for six weeks following a rotator cuff repair surgery. In any event, and I'm sorry for commentingon your husband, but in light of your circumstances, he seems very inconsiderate. first listens to your symptoms and performs an examination. }, { This made a huge difference to me. Everything seems to take twice the time and energy. Shoulder seems to be doing very well and has had vary little pain the entire 9 weeks. Most people have minimal to no problems with a torn biceps tendon. The surgery I had included bicep release, 2 tendons reattachment (front and top), rotatory cuff bone spur removal - basically everything! I had acupuncture, wet cupping, massage and I think possibly the turning point - which was probably close to a year after - some deep tissue massage. DH had to help me with almost everything: dressing, cutting food, you name it. Its looking like I may have rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder. He had both shoulders repaired (at separate times) with rotator cuff surgery and only took one pain pill. 1: Wear a Sling While Sleeping to Prevent Painful Movements. I'm sorry you had such a hard time, too. I am allowed to type and do small things with my hand but that is only while keeping the sling on and the shoulder immobilized. Haven't driven since surgery. Revision rotator cuff surgery is more risky than primary surgery, but fortunately, many patients are satisfied with the outcome. If this muscle or tendon is torn or strained, doctors may recommend rotator cuff surgery to repair the damage. Follow the tips of the doctor to get well as quickly as possible. Notes on After Rotator Cuff Surgery-when will the pain end? Has anyone experienced a similar situation? Patients often experience pain immediately after rotator cuff surgery. Huge! You should be able to support your shoulder with extra pillows and extra blankets either in the bed or on the couch. "image": "", I start massage therapy tomorrow with a licensed medical massage therapist. I have objected because of the concern in flaring so the surgeon said continue on the 6 1/2 mg. but he is still very concerned of the healing of . My left shoulder ( good one , not worked on) stings at times, since I use it more I guess. I went back to work two days ago. Everyone heals differently and not all doctors are equal, either. To answer the question, the research team designed a car customized with cameras and . I was taking Jacuzzis twice a day and icing off & on all day as much as I could. As you said, don't sit and wallow. Even if you "just" spend a lot of time looking out over the water and relaxing what a perfect way to spend some recuperation time! While in there he "trimmed" a bone in my shoulder and did manipulation and cleaning that they do for frozen shoulder. The physical therapy is the most critical step after allowing time for healing. "opens": "08:00", I do believe some deep tissue massage around this time was helpful as it could well have dispersed some scar tissue. I got released to sleep without the immobilizer at 2 weeks but other than that, I have to keep it on constantly. Cool Cruiser; Members; 49 posts; November 8, 2014; Seattle Hes very conservative with his movements post-op too, and I had to stay in my brace for 6 weeks 24/7. I'm still hoping for that one year difference everyone talks about. To repair a rotator cuff tear, a surgeon may perform a procedure through a fiber-optic scope or through small incisions. You'll need rehab after rotator cuff surgery. One thing I noticed that helped me that i want to share was to not sit around and wallow and watch TV. I feel like a walking zombie. I calledHolland America today to see if they allow this but she said to call the Accessibility number on Tuesday(theyre open Monday-Friday 9-5). What Are Some Immediate Treatments For the Rotator Cuff Problem? Just started physical therapy yesterday. If I flat out said that I dont want to go or wont go, he would be disappointed but not angry about it. He called back and said it sounds like I have a Popeye condition and nothing to worry about, but this morning I could lift my arm overhead now, its too painful. In most cases, this can get treated with home care, but if the pain persists, it is time to see a shoulder surgeon. Anyway it's the worst pain I have ever felt and I am wondering if I am going ceazy or if I am just impatient?? Im just wavering and worried. This is a minimally invasive technique where the surgeon inserts a camera and small instruments through small incisions. After this time, youll be encouraged to start a rehabilitation program. I was so happy to find this site. Screwsmcernst, Thankyou for your suggestions and encouragement and giving me insight into your experience. Fortunately, many people can find relief with a variety of medications that are available. as being in breach of those terms. I worked hard at my exercises, took A LOT of advil, used a ton of ice, used my tens unit under my clothes at work, and eventually saw results. Posted May 26, 2019. Do not use your arm to lift anything. If I feel Im not up to going, they will fill out the insurance forms for me. Honestly that was the worst part of the whole thing, pain was secondary. B first listens to your symptoms and performs an examination. These activities will help to keep your shoulder strong, and they will help you prevent injury to the area again. Imamom, May 26, 2019 in Ask a Cruise Question. :o( I turned 58 one month after my surgery. If not, they can remove the bursa. Im getting more nervous the closer we get. I am one month post op and at and loss on how much pain I have in my arm and in the area of my rotator cuff. } At. All rights reserved. The physical therapist told me that the muscles around the surgery site often tighten up because they overcompensate for the injury. Luckily I grew up with a guy. I also took the sling off for a couple hours did a few things around the house (protecting the arm) but my shoulder has been increasing in pain. I am exhausted, emotionally. We want the forums to be a useful resource for our users but it is important to remember that the forums are If there are conflicting instructions from your doctor and therapist, please meet your doctor to clarify. (Unless I wanted to wear it just to be more comfortable ). Your shoulder joint is made up of a group of muscles and tendons called a rotator cuff that helps hold the ends of your arm bones in the socket and facilitates various movements in your shoulder. Remember that rotator cuff surgery is the first step in repairing the joint. I am so afraid to reinjure the cuff while doing the exercixes. Use of the forums is subject to our Terms of Use The physio says that the overall shoulder inflammation is likely to continue for 3 to 6 months, which came as a surprise to hear. PS: My DH has been wonderful in his care for me. Nobody seems to want to tell you what you are about to experience. I still needed to put my arm in a sling when I walk longer then 1/2 mile. When appropriate, non-surgical treatment may be the first line of defense, but our physicians will also inform you when surgery is needed. I am so sorry for the suffering you were having. Again though, never mind what I or anyone here on Cruise Critic might think -- what do your doctor and physical therapist think? I have an old boyfriend who is a fabulous skier. I was able to stop heavy meds after 6 days and used Naproxen and Tylenol after that. Avoid sleeping on the side of your surgery hand. Doctors discuss this topic at your first post-operative meeting. I know my rotator cuff was not completely torn off the bone, but it was torn and needed repair - I just had no idea it would take so long for recovery. I was in my sling daily for 3 months, and then I wore it when we were going to be in crowded areas in case I got bumped. I just think everybodys different and being active and massaging the muscles around helps a lot. I got home from work and noticed a bulge in my bicep area. "Monday", I can tolerate the discomfort there. I guess everyone is different. Registered in England and Wales. Also ,most of the muscle mass on my R. arm has disappeared. "streetAddress": "3414 Golden Rd", You followed your doctor's directions for recovery and completed all your PT and exercises, but months after surgery you are still in pain. Any thoughts on that? }, This surgery has really knocked the wind out of me on every level. Good Luck to you and if you can do it, it should inspire us all. Using common sense is key to healing I believe. I saw a physio up until the middle of March when lock down stopped it continuing but as that was three and a half months post surgery and my surgeon said I didn't need any further physio therapy I continued to do my exercises at home, increasing the exercises to above my head and behind my back to build strength. In the early stages I used Paracetamol suppositories, previously purchased in Holland, with small amounts of codeine at night, which caused some violent dreams, and has damaged my stomach lining, for which I'm being treated. I hope, if I need surgery, I will do as well as you. Small tears (n=158 [58%]) were more common than medium (n=70 [25%]) and large (n=46 [17%]) tears. Patience really isn't my strong point but if you try to look at the bigger picture and accept that you will get there in the end. Hang in there though, it does get better, just not yet. 2 What is the fastest way to recover from shoulder surgery? I still have the odd night (some 19 months on) when I wake up with a dull ache, both in my shoulder and elbow, but it doesn't last now. It still aches some and I don't sleep great but I'm able to get fairly comfortable and like you.. Slightly overwhelmed. "Friday" About 12 weeks in, I was experiencing major pain so I had an ultrasound to see if everything was still in place. /. recovery, from 8-12 weeks after the surgery, is focused on getting the shoulder to move normally again, while still not doing any lifting that could pull apart the repair. 6 years ago, B 91 9959588389 for the best treatment option for an appointment. No offense to drug addicts; I just don't want to join them. Thank you so much for your post as I now know I'm not the only one experiencing this and that I just have to relax and keep going with the physio. I hate to disappoint him. Is it normal to have pain 3 weeks after shoulder surgery? Do not apply creams, ointments, Neosporin / Polysporin to the incision. Good luck to you! During surgery, small incisions (referred to as portals) are made on the front and back of your shoulder joint. How you care for the shoulder in the weeks and months that follow will also affect the success of the operation. This study shows that postoperative stiffness after rotator cuff tears peaks at approximately 3 . So foggy it was like walking through water. I let up on my exercises because of some back issues starting up, so now I think I need to get back into some old stretching exercises again. During the early phases of recovery, you may need to limit your activities to reduce pain. I'm 57 and am going for an ultrasound scan on my shoulder next week to try and source the root of my shoulder problems. Manage by taking medicines and by ice therapy. The upside is that you DO get there. CC Help Jenn Today, I heard a pop in my shoulder and immediately I have pain in the upper arm and shoulder. I'm in the immobilizer unless I'm doing the exercises, bathing, or occasionally typing a lesson plan for my substitute at school. Usually, rotator cuff surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure. It made me feel better. Good luck with the cruise! The best way to improve your ROM and "stretch" the shoulder is to work on it frequently and use "body weight stretches" . As long as I could sleep and deal with it. Even knowing this, I'm really tired of nursing this shoulder!!!! All I can say is that religiously doing PT at home and at therapy is vital for your recovery. 9 Weeks Post Op shoulder rotator cuff surgery recovery. Always hold the sling unless you are changing clothes or doing physical therapy. I have a cruise scheduled for next week and will be at 9 weeks post op for right rotator cuff/bicep repair. And by "sleeping" I mean a few hours here and there. 1 1 Gerber C. Latissimus dorsi transfer for the treatment of irreparable tears of the rotator cuff. Move your fingers and thumbs in and out of your fist 5-10 times an hour. I panicked and called the answering service for my surgeon. My other shoulder is also torn, but I may not fix it. If particular attention is not directed to the patient during the positioning, a cervical disc may be injured or aggravated. This observation is supported by a study showing that in patients who have had rotator cuff surgery, strength in the shoulder muscles is not fully recovered until nine months after the surgery. Following rotator cuff surgery, a physical therapist will help you achieve the following: Increase your range of motion and circulation. As I said, I also have a super high pain tolerence. If you have a nerve block, it is normal for your hands and fingers to be numb for some time after surgery. Now, my wife just had the same surgery on January 3rd and will be wearing her sling for a total of 6 weeks. The success rate is 70 to 75 per cent with primary surgery, while the failure rate for revision surgery is only two to five per cent. 5 users are following. Your goal is to obtain 70-80% of your range of motion during this 6 weeks. "Wednesday", Tears in the rotator cuff may be small or large and can be repaired by transferring a muscle from another part of the body to replace the damaged cuff. Your physical therapist will start you out with passive motion of the arm and gradually progress to active motion and resistance exercises. Rehabilitation. I go back to the dr. in 5 days and anticipate they will let me take off the sling and then begin physical therapy. Wore the sling with the bump for 6 weeks and did fluffy exercises at home twice a day and PT with fluffy stuff once a week.
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